Specialty Inspections
In addition to Buyers' and Sellers' inspections, Homeplace Inspections offers Specialty Inspections. These types of inspections are typically requested by home buyers and home sellers; below, we have listed some of the most commonly requested Specialty Inspections.

Wet Basements
Your Homeplace inspector will help determine if you have a wet basement.

Roofing Problems
Your Homeplace roofing specialist inspector, will determine the approximate age of your roof and its general condition; he will help you identify leaks.

Structural Problems
Your Homeplace inspector will inspect the condition of walls, floor joists, beaming posts and beams for proper usage.

Mechanical Problems
Your Homeplace inspector will inspect plumbing, electrical features, furnace, vent piping, etc. for proper installation.

New Home Construction
Your Homeplace inspector will discuss a plan for inspecting the progress of your new home. Typically, we conduct the first inspection after the footings are poured to insure that drain tiles are installed properly. On the second visit we inspect insulation and framing; on the third visit we accompany you on a complete walk-through inspection, pointing out any deficiencies and abnormalities the builder may have overlooked. You will receive your written report on the same day.

Radon Inspections
Homeplace Inspections uses the 24-hour Honeywell Radon Monitor, which produces a printout of readings per hour.

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